The Magic Gang – ‘Make time for change’ | EP Review

The Magic Gang release Make time for Change EP ahead of their second album!

The Brighton indie quartet are back, with Make time for change. This EP features all of their singles up to their titular one, all of which will be included on their upcoming second album, Death of the Party.

The Magic Gang have returned with a mature sound and this is definitely prominent here. Make time for change, in my opinion is an extremely significant track that everyone should hear. First of all the band show us a new range, with the introduction of some brass instruments throughout, giving the song a very vibrant and uplifting feel. The lyrics reflect this tone, as the band encourage people to live life more real and healthy, by starting exercising and maybe stop looking at your mobile phone as much. These are simple changes that everyone can make, and in a sense that’s what is so brilliant about this song, the words are true and everyone can relate.

The lads hit us with some more mature themes with ‘What have you got to lose’ and ‘Take back the track’ as they handle drink and drugs. ‘What have you got to lose’ opens with a cool bass line from Angus Taylor and some quick paced and sturdy drumming from Paeris Giles. Jack Kaye’s vocals are strong as always as they cut through the instrumentals and Kristian Smith churns out some truly infectious and powerful guitar riffs.

Overall, this EP displays a huge change from some of the other stuff by the Brighton lads. On their debut self titled album, we are bombarded with songs about girls and love, (‘Jasmine’, ‘Caroline’ to name a few), but here we are shown a different side to the innocent guys we were introduced to on the 2018 record. Now we see the side that drink and sing about pills at parties. They also sing about bettering yourself and making healthy changes in order to grow as a person. The change to their music is very welcome, we are able to see how they have grown between albums and how their personal experiences can alter their music.

This EP is absolutely fantastic, all of these singles are truly powerful and it is getting me more and more excited for their second record!

‘Death of the Party’ will release everywhere on August 21st.

Words by Jack Horsley

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