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temples of youth silver cross artwork

Temples of Youth release new Dream Pop track ‘Silver Cross’

Dream poppers Temple of Youth have released their latest track ‘Silver Cross’, and we’re impressed.

The slow pace melodic track starts out with a subtle beat from the drum pad and synths just before the reverb sunken vocals come into the fold. The track gradually builds up throughout, and the band make a good job of it with a very gradual effect to bring it to it’s final crescendo.

The track is very spacious and refuses to overcrowd the song with musical elements, the less the better is very much the case here. The overall sound is actually quite cinematic, in the sense I could imagine a car driving away at the end of film before the end creadits.

The band have already been relatively busy this year, and hopefully this continues as it’s always good to keep the momentum going off the back of a good release.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud below:

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