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abbie ozard
Photo by Charlotte Rudd

Abbie Ozard releases new track ‘TV KWEEN’

We may be experiencing one of the strangest summers to ever exist, however Manchester singer Abbie Ozard has delivered the summer sun on a plate, with her latest track ‘TV Kween’. Treating us to her third track of the year, the standard of Abbie’s dreamy indie pop continues, making us feel as though our heads are stuck in the clouds.

The track is full to the brim of breezy guitars complimented by Abbie’s beautifully spacious vocals. Psychedelic guitar riffs can be heard in every direction that the song goes, and the empty space is filled with fuzzy guitars that are bound to warm you up. Regular drum beats contrast to the spontaneous sounding riffs, making the song just as fun as Abbie’s previous material.

Whilst talking about the track, Abbie reveals that its focus is on addressing insecurities, especially in a time where social media and television creates a constant need for comparisons. ‘Everybody wants to be famous’ is one of the standout lines, emphasising our continual search to be like somebody else.

Whilst Abbie Ozard may not be on the TV, she certainly is a Music ‘Kween’.

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