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Play Dead release new track ‘Shaun’

One of my favourite elements to a punk track, is simply how short they often are. After a long day of listening to some great, grandiose music, it’s so good just to play it cool and put on a fast-paced two minute whirlwind on!

Play Dead were that band for me today, and ‘Shaun’ was the perfect track. With a funny little intro the track kicks in, and we’re off to the races. The riff is simple, the drums are loud and the vocals are quick and often with the memorable lyric of : Necking pints / starting fights/ driving vans /through the night/ punching men / off their bikes / can’t be arsed / to fix the light”. These lyrics describe the character ‘Shaun’ and after listening to the track I would love to meet the guy.

The three piece are clearly onto something here, and I really need to hear more. Their frantic pace, and simplistic song writing is catchy and addictive, hopefully we get to hear more before the year ends!

Listen to the full track ‘Shaun’ below on Soundcloud:

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