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A Motel Carnation cover makes Single of the Week

Let’s just talk about Motel Carnation for a second. They released “Live Forever” as a stand alone single simply because so many people asked them to.

Live Forever” was born as part of Tipping Point’s ‘In The Style Of’ cover project and has become a staple in the boys’ future set lists. They didn’t take what the challenge was as gospel, they completely turned what we expected on its head, gave it a night at the Motel and made it shamelessly their own. 

And why just cover one artist when you can squeeze in two? Motel Carnation didn’t just take an Oasis song and bring it steaming into 2020. They stretched (pretty effortlessly) into the vocal style of The Weeknd because why not? Isn’t music about pushing boundaries and serving up the unexpected?

Following their lethally smooth cover of Courtney Dixon’s “Summer Eyes”, these covers stop being their originals at the 14 second mark. They’ve got monochrome striped shirt, slick as fuck hair and flared jeans coz they’re part of the Motel Carnation trademark aesthetic now – where it’s not enough to release a flawless, throw back-esque tune, it’s uniquely theirs as well. Even when it’s not.

It’s no mean feat for a relatively new-coming band, either. To spin a track by Motel Carnation is to hear the hard working minutes, the brain storms in Dog & Parrot and everything they have to offer in future – when the Motel is open for gigs again post COVID19. 

More vacancies, more tune and more content please Motel boys. We’re hooked already.

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