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Two Tone Televison release new track ‘Old News’

Glasgow five-piece Two Tone Television dropped their latest single ‘Old News’, providing that old news is exactly what they ain’t. It’s on the heavier side of indie, a raw, punk-infused banger with a sort of anthemic danceability to it. 

Scuzzy riffs and a pulsating dance-punk beat make this sound sort of Slaves-esque, if they were to incorporate more synths into their sound, while Liam McCombie’s intense, forceful vocals give the track even more edge.

Following on from previous track ‘Twisted Animator’, released earlier this year, it sees the band adopt an altogether more vigorous energy, but without losing their unique touch present on previous material. 

The band described ‘Old News’ as their best single yet, and you’d be hard pressed to argue. The future of the Glasgow music scene is looking bright if Two Tone Television are anything to go by, so check out the track!

Listen to ‘Old News’ by Two Tone Television on Spotify below:

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