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Sapphire Blues release new track ‘119′

“The silence is an earful/No rest for the mind” sings Sapphire Blues frontman Sam Lance Jones on ‘119’, the latest track to come from the Bristol trio. It’s inspired by a house some of the members once lived in, and the 20th-century philosopher Emil Cioran, in equal measure.

Jones’ voice is instantly captivating. It shares a ‘gravelly’ quality with Stereophonics vocalist Kelly Jones – imagine Jones hanging around with the Fat White Family and you get the drift. It’s post-punk, if post-punk had spent the last few years reading up on nihilist philosophy; there’s a very Libertines-esque vibe going on, which always makes for a good start.

Throughout the three minutes, the band play around with the tempo – we go straight into the crux of the track and carry on at a steady pace until about halfway through, where we go into almost stoner-rock territory, Jones’ enthralling drawl and guitar-playing accompanied by expert bass and drums from Harry Beaver and Chris Thompson respectively.

At this point, the trio go silent before erupting in spectacular and emphatic fashion, going full pelt for a moment before resuming a steady tempo for the remainder of the track. There’s something about the fleeting return and subsequent disappearance of the music that feels foreboding but yet strangely optimistic at the same time. Are we crying out for more material from the Bristol lads? You better believe we are.

Listen to ‘119’ on Spotify here:

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