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DMA’s third album The Glow could be their finest yet

A five star outing for DMA’s

Label: Infectious Music


Aussie trio DMA’s are back and better than with their third studio album titled ‘The Glow’ out on the 10th of July. 

The band comprised of Tommy Odell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason blessed fans with their infectious new album this week. Consisting of 11 expansive, visceral, arena ready tracks the album covers a lot of ground musically and is sure to please fans of their earlier albums as well as drawing in new listeners with their fresh electric energy, giant hooks and synth infused sound.      

The Album.

Kicking things off is anthemic opening track ‘Never Before’. Providing an overview of what’s to come and jolting things into action, the tracks pumping bass line is complimented nicely by Odell’s smooth and effortless vocals, making for a great opening track.

The album’s title track ‘The Glow’ also has an electronic vibe and a 90’s feel to it. The tracks scratchy guitars, anthemic lyrics and melodic energy make it a perfect summer festival anthem.  

Fan favourite ‘Silver’ was the first song released off ‘The Glow’. Initially written 7 years ago, the song starts out with Odell’s soft but powerful vocals over some lightly strummed acoustic guitar and builds to a soaring climax towards the end. Tommy’s voice is untouchable here as he sings lyrics about a failed relationship. The production of the track is mature and professional, a perfect piece of atmospheric guitar pop.

The pulsating synths of ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ push the albums electronic element and draw from 90’s dance track elements. Dark and alluring the track gets better with each listen and grabs your attention ain a new and interesting way. 

Ballad ‘Criminals’ begins with some heavy piano chords and features some nice layered harmonies. The track has a lot of depth and is heavily electronic pop rock. 

DMA’s go back to their roots with sweet track ‘Strangers’. More natural sounding than previous tracks, the melodic basslines and relaxed pulses give it a hazy feel.   

Similar to ‘Strangers’, sombre track ‘Learning Alive’ is hauntingly beautiful with its emotional hooks and strings. The track showcases Odell’s lyricism with heartfelt lines like “never been so scared to be broken” and is probably the softest track on the album. 

The rock and roll energy of ‘Hello Girlfriend’ is sure to please old fans with its catchy lyrics and fuzzy guitars. The track was made to be heard live with its catchy lyrics and dirty guitars that kick things up a notch.   

Slowing it down again is ‘Appointment’. Full of emotion and vulnerability, it starts off mellow and then builds nicely topped off by Tommy’s dreamy voice.

dma band shot

The uplifting vocal harmonies of ‘Round & Around’ see the album pick up the pace again as it draws to a close. 80’s synths and crunchy guitars, this track is sure to be an absolute banger live.

Saving the best for last, closing track ‘Cobracaine’ is worth the wait. The track makes for a brilliant end to the album as it ties in all of the previous sounds with Odell’s hypnotic voice.


Exploring influences that go from 80’s to dance to brit rock to early 90’s, ‘The Glow’ is an album full of surprises and really does have it all – huge choruses, massive guitars and Tommy Odell’s impressive vocal range. 

Shrugging off all expectations, it’s the most mature of the band’s albums to date. It features a perfect blend of DMA’s guitar driven sound that we know and love infused with an electronic dance vibe. Electric from start to finish, the album is a triumphant step up for the band.  

Listen to DMA’s The Glow on Spotify below:

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