Kay Greyson – ‘Paris’ | EP Review

kay greyson paris artwork

The debut EP Paris from Kay Greyson is the start of something special

Start of something special.

Get ready to be obsessed with Kay Greyson. In amongst her infectious ambition, support of her local music scene and championing giving back to her community – debut EP ‘Paris’ is perfectly timed.

Kay’s not new to the scene, and she certainly isn’t to be underestimated. She’s been a front runner for Newcastle’s developing MC scene, going as far to encourage and nurture aspiring rappers to stay true to their dreams. In teaming up with Newcastle’s Soul Kitchen for ‘Paris’, it’s the love for what she does that’ll keep you hooked til the end of the last track.

Because that’s EXACTLY what you can hear. Opener ‘Paris’ is Greyson beaming her signature smile in the booth, knowing this is the path she’s meant to be on. ‘Call the Police’ is your best friend, sitting next to you in your box bedroom talking through the bull shit of the week and hyping you for a Friday night. And ‘Sweet Rum Punch’? It’s even sweeter recognising the people who were by your side when the hustle was at its hardest.

This EP is so bright and blindingly personal, the first time we gave it a spin we half thought Kay was sat in the car next to us. (We’re totally down for that if you’re reading this, by the way). 

We’ve wanted to be on this journey with Kay. We want a backer on her bike, listening to her tell us about her dreams and how she’s going to make them work. We want to be getting gassed on the Megabus to London on a mercilessly sweaty afternoon to meet friends we haven’t seen in months.

In true form of knowing exactly what she’s doing (Kay’s social media is home to so much platform presence in her freestyles, it’s damn near offensive), we’re left wanting more. Good things come in threes, and ‘Paris’ is the epitome of the new material Greyson will entice you with before you fall in love with her back catalogue.

Cheeky rum and coke, anyone?

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