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Debut Single ‘Animate Me’ grips Single of the Week for Mr. Violet

You won’t be expecting this track. You can press play and you can settle in for 3 minutes of supporting one of Leeds’ sharpest musicians, and won’t quite be ready for just how dark and digital ‘Animate Me’ is. 

Danny Violet hasn’t shied away from fully indulging in a fantasy, and his debut is all the more addictive for it. He hasn’t gently touched upon the versions of ourselves we aren’t open enough to admit to, he’s created a whole persona about curiosity out weighting self-control. And this is exactly what that space in your head sounds like. 

Animate Me’ is as nostalgic for the 8bit screen of your first online crush, as it is self-aware of the complete lack of privacy modern life gives us. Soft, eery insecurity sits behind this sort of digital, electric cage that we sort of all hide behind. That’s what makes ‘Animate Me’ all the more endearing in its confessional qualities that sound fresh from a 1994 film soundtrack.

Written and recorded in his basement during 2020’s lockdown, Violet hasn’t ignored the fact that there’s no isolation when it comes to addiction – and in, this case, least of all when it’s an addiction to another person.

You’re gonna want another fix of this track, too. It’s unapologetic, dark and brilliant – a phenomenal form for a solo effort. 

I’m telling you. You didn’t see this track coming. 

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