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Bella Bradley releases debut track ‘Pictures’

21 year old Isabella Bradley from West Sussex, England, is the fresh, unique voice that we have been looking forward to. She is new to the music scene with airy and dreamlike vocals which capture her emotions perfectly.

Bradley’s debut single ‘Pictures’ captures and reflects the memories that can be held within a photograph, particularly with a breakup or falling out of love. It serves as a particularly painful reminder that even if you try hard to make memories and feelings fade, a picture or physical memento can take you right back to a moment of time that you’re trying to forget, and bring exact emotions and feelings to the forefront of your mind.

Bradley’s voice has great potential, it shows prominent similarities to Lana Del Rey’s iconic voice. She also shows vocal skills which are unique and difficult to master, yet she does it in a very seamless and professional way. This certainly shows us that this will not be the last we hear of Bella Bradley’s voice! Her voice is light, soft and airy but also very powerful. She produces beautifully perfected switches between falsetto, soft verses to then showing how strong her head voice can become when needed. It fits very well with the tone of the music, and with the soft accompaniment of a piano in the verse’s contrasts with the power and emotion in her voice.

Though the song seems to perceive a weakness and inability to move on and recover, Bradley shows her strength in the final words, saying “I’m not going back to you”. The vocals are prominent yet quiet and whispering and confidently convey that even through difficult times it is possible to recover, and pictures can (one day) become emotionless physical memories that are a part of life and healing.

Words by Leylah Mae Campbell

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