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Dream Wife deliver on their Second Album

Label: Lucky Number

A roaring second outing


After the success of their self-titled debut album in 2018, Dream Wife are back with their second studio album. The Brighton-based punk trio have won over legions of fans over the past couple of years, and they just continue to get better and better. Their outspokenness is a breath of fresh air, never mind the immense noise that the 3 of them create together. 

The album.

Lead single ‘Sports!’ was released back in March, receiving rave reviews and heightening the excitement for their second album. ‘Sports!’ is an insane album opener; an anthem for women everywhere, with that undeniable Dream Wife energy. Stuffed full of sarcasm, and playful sports clichés – “Put your eye on the ball when it’s in your court”- ‘Sports!’ has you eagerly awaiting what’s next on the track list. By the end of the track, you’ll unknowingly be chanting “Put your money where your mouth is!” for the rest of the day. 

Title-track ‘So When You Gonna…’ packs a punch from the second it starts. It commands your attention, with the opening line screeching through just one second in – “SO When you gonna kiss me?”. Alice Go’s guitar takes centre-stage, roaring throughout the entire track at an impressive speed, as the trio live up to their “Riot Grrrl” persona. ‘So When You Gonna…’ is unapologetically and undeniably, Dream Wife. 

Second track of the album, ‘Hasta La Vista’ instantly gives you Blondie vibes, it offers a softer side to the trio; a classic indie-pop record, which showcases lead singer Rakel Mjoll’s immense vocals. The dreamy beat alongside soft, catchy vocals creates a summer-ready track which becomes an instant favourite from the first listen. 

‘Old Flame’ is about exactly what you think it’s about; lost love, an unforgettable old flame, but in true Dream Wife-style – not a soppy, love-chasing ballad. ‘Homesick’ on the other hand, starts out with mellow whispers,  “I like the way you move me…” leaving you wondering what’s to come, but when it kicks in, it immediately commands attention – it’s the ultimate girl-power anthem.

However, you’re mistaken for thinking this is just a compilation of garage-punk, loud anthems. 

Dream Wife are known for incorporating taboo subjects, and feminist offerings into their music, and their second album delivers it perfectly. 

Heartfelt track ‘Temporary’ centres around miscarriage, – “If the heartbeat fails, know I’m here” – whilst offering a softer, more relaxed vibe. The entire track portrays the subject in question flawlessly; in a way that would resonate with anyone listening to it. Whilst closing track of the album ‘After The Rain’ focuses upon abortion, in a heart-wrenching sombre track which shows that Dream Wife are impeccable at creating any type of music, but their capability of writing songs about real-life scenarios is off the scale. 

‘Validation’ challenges your thoughts through savvy lyrics, but in a way that allows the listener to know they’re not alone in seeking validation as a means for confidence; it’d resonate with almost anyone, as they sing about their own experiences and how no one ‘fits in’. 

Contrasting it, is ‘RH RN’ which unsurprisingly focuses on the present, – “We are the oldest we have ever been, right here right now” – with a catchy chorus, and immense guitar riffs throughout, giving you a light-hearted pop-punk record.


The entire record opens doors to subjects many others won’t, incorporated into catchy, original songs – Dream Wife are one of a kind. Every track on ‘So When You Gonna…’ is unforgettable in it’s own unique way. 

Words By Danni King

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