Premiere | Ginger Snaps releases ‘Attention Seeker’ & Announces Debut Album!

Ginger Snaps attention seeker

A new song and album announcement for Ginger Snaps!

After two years away from making music, Ginger Snaps is FINALLY back! His last track was the innovative With or Without Her’ and we loved it so much it got Single of the Week!

So two years down the line Ginger Snaps is still just as innovative, sounding as fresh as ever! ‘Attention Seeker’ see’s Snaps take to the microphone and deliver one of his best songs yet, with a funky beat and crazy pace. This sees Snaps at his The song takes splashes of old school and and drowns them in a new wave sound with the quick clips and samples. The track takes a critical look the role and value of celebrity in modern society, making the title so fitting.

This also comes with the announcement of a full length debut album to be released in October. After hearing ‘Attention Seeker’, I can’t wait to hear a full-length debut album! The album was created with ‘MAXIMUM HONESTY’ at heart, as Snaps aims to be nothing but honest with his debut and cut out any bullshit.

It’s crazy to think that Ginger Snaps has NO label affiliations and is still gaining so much traction and produces his music to perfection. Super looking forward to what can happen with this album release. After knowing Snaps since the early days, it’s great to see something like this finally happening!

Listen to the brand new track from Ginger Snaps on Spotify below!

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