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carmen mclean slow down

Carmen McLean releases debut track ‘Slow Down’

What better time to start your music venture then in lockdown? This is exactly what singer-songwriter Carmen McLean has done and we can’t commend her enough for it!

Carmen has released her debut song ‘Slow Down’, which speaks louder now due to what’s happening in the world around us. The calming effect of the track is soothing, as Carmen’s vocals are a delight to listen to, as a fingerpicked guitar plays on throughout the background.

We need to slow down” were the words resonating when the track finished as they stuck with me for the rest of the day. This simple song is a melodic masterpiece. The subtle usage of violins at the end of the track a truly welcomed, as Carmen uses them in moderation to get the best effect.

Carmen will remain one of our ones to watch here at WFM, and we hope she will be one of yours too!

Listen to the debut track from Carmen Mclean below on spotify:

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