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Bryony’s debut track for Beth Shalom is nothing short of perfect!

Last week Bryony Williams announced she signed to Beth Shalom Records, which marks somewhat of a new stage in Bryony’s music career – and we’re very excited for it.

Her first release on her new record label looks to be her finest yet with ‘I Can Be‘. Bryony has always had a gentle yet quirky vibe, and this track just extenuates that. Her lyrics and vocals are honest as Bryony sings; “I can be anything I wanna be / I view myself in a third person category”.

The melody is simple and stripped back as luna (her guitar) sways in the background at a modest and mellow volume, allowing the vocals to take centre stage. Bryony’s vocals have grown over time, and you can tell from her initial releases, we’re now hearing a much more refined performance.

The chorus is a tasty segment, with high notes being hit with perfection and effortlessness. We’re also treated with a crazy break down as guitars are fuzzing and whirring all over the place while the vocals remain ever calm and beautiful.

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Listen to Bryony’s latest track ‘I Can Be’ on Spotify below

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