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Sam and Sounds third track of 2020 delivers once again

I don’t know about you but, to some extent, I’ve really enjoyed lockdown. It’s allowed me to just stop, and whilst there’s been nothing to do, I’ve discovered a hell of a lot of new music over the past few months. One artist I’ve recently found and fallen straight in love with is Surrey-based Sam and Sounds, who began his music career in lockdown, only becoming present in the indie scene back in April. 

The weather might be a bit drab and unpredictable at the minute, but Sam and Sounds’ brand new single, Cloud 9, will bring the perfect blast of summer to your lives. Buoyant, fast-paced, feel-good music; what more could you possibly want?

Cloud 9 was written following a period of darkness, taking inspiration from Sam’s own experiences with online trolling; the optimism apparent in this single is a genuine embodiment of his personality as he chose to respond to the negativity with optimism and kindness. Here music is being utilised as an emergence from poor mental health, and Sam is creating music with “a mission to motivate and encourage people to look forward.”

I’m telling you now, this song will be stuck in your head for days but it’s a good kind of ear worm, I promise.

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