Haim – ‘Women In Music Part III’ | Album Review


Haim deliver arguably strongest album to date in eclectic musical treat

Label: Polydor Records

Their best work yet


Haim have been a mainstay since 2013 with their critically well received debut Days Are Gone winning a host of fans and spouting tracks “The Wire” “Don’t Save Me” and “Forever”. Following a lengthy delay the band returned with 2017’s “Something To Tell You” which save for the odd moment was far more forgettable. There was an air of nervousness about the delayed 3rd album the aptly titled Women In Music Part III and whether the sisters could recapture their early magic. It is without doubt their best received record to date and certainly most eclectic. 

The album.

The album has been teased by the group for close to a year with the heavily Lou Reed influenced “Summer Girl” dropping in July 2019 and followed by “Now I’m In It” and “Hallelujah” following in the autumn. These 3 have ended up as bonus tracks on  the  album yet act as some of its strongest material and most varied the group have put out to date.  “Now I’m in it” driven by its relentless bass is full of frenetic energy and “Hallelujah” is one of the best example of the trio sharing lead vocals with some otherworldly harmonies. 

The album itself doesn’t let down in the slightest and from the sax drenched opening of Los Angeles the quality never dips.  There is a massive array of influences on display and the group manages to avoid the Fleetwood Mac comparisons that have followed them heavily since their debut.  “The Steps” is an almost grungy effort placing Danielle’s guitar prowess front and centre.  “I Don’t Wanna” and “I Know Alone” are wide deviations from the trios previous sound with almost dance floor sounds to them yet this is an experiment that pays off wholeheartedly and works really well in contrast to the more rock and pop fuelled moments.  “I Know Alone” has been singled out for its timely lyrics which while written before the current situation, do have a certain air of our current times about them with Danielle singing about not having seen friends or been out for days. 


Haim have managed to pull of a real summer treat with album #3 and from the Glastonbury archive footage of their 2017 set, they are not to be missed on the road when they eventually get round to touring this record . This is an immaculately produced and widely varied set of songs that stand as a great example of the groups talent as multi instrumentalists, vocalists and songwriters. 

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