The Sunset Beach Hut – ‘Ex-Blurst-Ist’ | EP Review

the-sunset-beach-hut-ex- ist

The Sunset Beach Hut release debut EP


After a long wait, finally The Sunset Beach Hut have released their debut EP Ex-Blurst-Ist, and boy are we happy it’s out. The band have been around since 2018 and have been making sweet music ever since. We’ve heard the releases ‘Bury, ‘Upside Down’ and many more, and it all built the excitement for this release!

The EP.

The EP kicks off with unreleased track ‘The:saint’ and is a blissful opener. Upbeat drums, a groovy bass and soft, powerful vocals blend so well together to deliver a stunning output. The shining gem in this song is the catchy hook. Masterful vocals ring out the words: “I can’t belieeeveeee what I’ve become”. Kid you not, since listening those words keep repeating in my head. It might be a bit early to call it the favourite track on the EP after only listening to one song, but it is that good.

Then we have ‘Funk’ , which by it’s very nature and descriptive name – is very funky. The band knew they didn’t have to crowd the song out with too many vocals because the music was strong enough on it’s own. They minimal vocals really embellish the groovy tones created with the riff, We also have a beautiful solo which is low-key and fuzzy – perfect for the melody they created and ends the song off so well.

‘Twenty five’ is the shortest song on the EP but by no means the weakest. This also served as one of the single releases on the run up to the EP, but it still just as good when I first heard it. ‘Allthetime’ ends the EP, on a positive note. The purposefully disjointed drums deliver up a unique rhythm proving once again how key of a part it plays in their overall sound. At the heart of the music is a carefree vibe, which tells you the band enjoyed creating these songs.


The EP is a dreamy indie pop affair which I wish was never ending. I knew The Sunset Beach Hut was going to create something good, but they seriously have risen the bar for themselves with the release of these four songs. The band have a clear identity and now a batch of songs to back it up, bring on the live shows as I cannot wait to hear them!

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