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King No-One Roll the Dice and land Single of the Week

This is going to be an informative, technical(ish) review – but bloody hell lads, take a bow.

King No-One have been surreptitiously transparent of their process during lockdown. As in they’ve let us into their lives enough to order a take away during a live stream, but we never really know what they’re up to. So when they drop a track so well made it’s a crime it’s not in the top 40, and an accompanying video strutting their social distance across Manchester – it makes the turbulence of 2020 that bit more bearable.

We’ve been swooning over King No-One since they were pre-pubescent babies (their words, not ours) in Alcatraz, and now they’ve entered their new era they’re enticing us to stay with them. They recognise where we started with them, where we’ve been and that they’re asking us to stay on this crazy but bloody beautiful journey with them.

We cannot wait to see where the Roll of the Dice takes us, and we love the filthy synth that James, Joe and Zach are providing us with on the way.

And the song has an OUTRO, people. It literally sees itself out. 

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