North Parade – ‘How to be Good’ | EP Review

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North Parade release debut EP How to be Good


North Parade have come ever such a long way since their debut single release ‘Birmingham last year. Since then the band have built up their reputation with multiple single releases including ‘Kind Of’ and ‘Keepthingscasual’. However this is the big one, the first notable step in music as they release their debut EP How to be Good.

The EP.

First track ‘The Now’ serves as a great opener, as this is the only track which hasn’t been released prior to the EP. So, straight off the bat your hearing something fresh and new. The song grabs your attention as it kicks off with spoken lyrics, so you hone in to listen closer. 20 seconds in then the urgency kicks in, drums quickly emerging. There’s some notable lyrics here as the song races by, for example; “Existential silence / is filled by love island / why am I tired / why am I uninspired“. The song sways to and fro with a shimmering, shiny exterior, until we’re treated to an explosive guitar solo.

The whole EP is polished and bright, and in some places futuristic with the musical elements. ‘Keepthingscasual’ comes up next with it’s hypnotic guitars and repetitive infectious beat. It serves as possibly the catchiest track on the EP, which is a well fought contest between the four songs. It has a very classic indie vibe, as you could hear a crowd singing along to; “Keep things casual on the low / keep things casual I don’t know”!

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With most EP’s you need a song to split it up and balance the chaos with a slower song. North Parade deliver ‘Someone’ to give the EP some downtime. The track certainly sounds like it’s been influenced subtly by The 1975, with the long drawn vocals and heavy reverb giving that vibe off. In someways the melody reminds me of “Sex” but re-imagined at a slower pace.

To close it out the band play ‘An Accommodation’ where you hear even more impressive lyrics, clearly showing that this is one of the bands key features. The song also boasts a big chorus with the line; “An accommodation just for you” laced with some “oooooooos” for good measure. The real treat comes at the end where once again we’re gifted with an exotic solo, sounding euphoric and in spaces like a classic John Squire.


The London based band (who formed in Birmingham) can be happy with this as a debut EP, giving the listener a clear idea of what they get when pressing play on North Parade.

With the EP being released during lockdown, it gives us something to look forward to when live gigs are a thing again, and to hear the songs played live. North Parade can build on this, it’s quite clear they have a solid sound and idea for the band, which is half the battle. Bring on the next release!

Listen to the brand new EP from North Parade below on Spotify.

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