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Eades release new track ‘Vivid Dreams’

With the sun shining down on us, we can always welcome another upbeat guitar driven track, and Eades deliver.

Vivid Dreams‘ is the fourth track to be released this year from the post-punk band, as they gear up for the release of their debut EP Microcosmic Things on July 10th. Their roots are deep within alternative and lo-fi guitar bands like The Velvet Underground and The Strokes, and that influence bleeds into this track.

The guitars are prominent with a fuzzy edge to them, as the quick, upbeat drums drive the tempo. I Always love lo-fi vocals, and this is a perfect example of them. They just linger at the back of the track in a muffled manner, while the rest of the song rallies around it at a quick pace.

Looking forward for the EP release in July, as this could be the first big step for the band in a weird time in the World!

Listen to the brand new track ‘Vivid Dreams’ below on Soundcloud now!

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