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Graywave releases new track ‘With Me’

Graywave is finally back after the mini break since the release of ‘Growing Garden’ back in 2019. If you like the songs on ‘Growing Garden’ then you’re going to love ‘With Me’.

We’re spoilt with those jangly reverb tones, as Jess crowds the air with an uncertain feeling by a bursting guitar. It sounds like something lifted out of a film, as the song begins to express emotion with the most limited of elements. The added synths to her repertoire helps flesh out the sound giving it more depth, making it even more atmospheric.

Her vocals are purposefully delivered in an incoherent manner, with that adding to the whole mystique of the track. The sound is gorgeous as it just flows and surrounds you in a shoegaze-y style combined powerful dream pop vibes.

Cannot wait to hear what is around the corner for Graywave, but it’s not going to be boring, whatever it is!

Listen to the brand new track from Graywave on Spotify below!

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