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spinn stuck on a feeling artwork

SPINN release their first track of 2020!

It’s been just over a year since indie pop quartet SPINN released their debut album, and it’s clear they have been working on developing their own sound. Their brand new track ‘Stuck on a Feeling’ is similar to the lads’ previous songs with references to their staple psychedelic guitars and unique vocals – if it isn’t broken then why fix it?!

‘Stuck on a Feeling’ is a classic feel good indie track, helping us to remember those distant memories of being at a gig and covered in beer. A strong groove paves the way for this track, with a prominent bass part accompanying the lush guitar riffs that make SPINN ‘spin’. When talking about their new release, Johnny Quinn said how ‘the song is like a prayer for sleep’, despite the upbeat tempo of it. The more you listen to it, the more you discover, making it easy to have on repeat until you could perform the song in your own sleep. 

SPINN triumphantly return, and we’re left stuck with the feeling that SPINN have got big things coming.

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