Dream Lake – ‘Open Up Your Heart’ | New Music

dream lake open up your heart artwork

Dream Lake release dreamy new track

Dream Lake have been covered by WFM from the very beginning when we first heard their dream pop sounds. The Swedish dream-pop duo have been running since early 2013, so their sound is refined and in the direction they want to push it and ‘Open Up Your Heart’ show this.

You can hear from their first release that their music has become more polished and produced but still sticking to their dreamy roots, but potentially leaning towards more of a pop-ier product.

The track is packed with reverb and big sounds, making it larger than life in places. It’s synth heavy style is welcomed, as they aim to give the track a futuristic finish with lush vocals.

Wanna chill and listen to something atmospheric? Give this a whirl!

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