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the snuts charlie cummings
Photo by Charlie Cummings

The Snuts take SOTW with the razor sharp ‘Elephants’

Well it’s that tine again, it’s time for Single of the Week! After another stellar music being released, we’ve settled on giving The Snuts the nod for their BRAND NEW track ‘Elephants’.

After releasing their Mixtape EP earlier this year, the band didn’t even let the dust settle to hit us with ‘Elephants’ (not literally). The track opens up with catchy little riff bouncing between chords, until we’re hit with those unique vocals from Jack Cochrane. High pitched, disjointed but completely in tune the vocals really push the track forward.

The song is much more than just another indie track, with the sonic elements infused within the melody. It makes it more modern, contemporary as the band look to explore new avenues.

Elephants’ is probably one of my favourite tracks from The Snuts, and although I say it quite often, I still mean it – I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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