Nic Bennett – ‘Letting Go of Giving Up’ | EP Review

nic bennett letting go of giving up artwork

Nic Bennett releases debut EP Letting Go of Giving Up

This is the first EP release from singer songwriter Nic Bennett, and what a time to release in the midst of all this madness. The EP is put together with three songs, including the self titled track which opens it up.

Nic opens up the EP with quite a powerful ambient sound surrounding him, making it a solid intro. He lets the music breathe for around 50 seconds until he enters with his soft, isolated yet distant vocals. ‘Letting Go of Giving Up’ does a good job of introducing Nic to you, as you get songwriting combined with an impressive solo performance. The song is nearly 6 minutes long, and becomes more grandiose the longer it goes on and Nic crafts that build up so well.

We’re then hit with the much brighter ‘Shoreline’ as Nic embraces the acoustic gutiar, with the instrument very much taking centre stage. The song is nearly half the time as the opener which is ideal, as you probably don’t want another heavy hitter after the massive opener. This track is much more poppier, as the intro track had a it of a classic twang to it, whereas this much more produced.

Finally ‘Falling Down Slow’ ends the EP and this is a worthy closer. Nic once again does a fantastic job with the production with the use of what sounds like an orchestra. It has a real polished effect over it, as it seems like Nic listened to every second of these songs intensely to make sure he got it right and done them justice, which he did.

Enjoyed this debut EP, it’s quite clear Nic put a lot of time and effort to get this right. With the situation the world is in at the moment it might be some time until we here some new stuff from Nic, but hopefully it’s not too long as this is a great foundation to build on!

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