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Lorana releases second track of 2020 with ‘Countless First Times’

This Belgian born up and coming artist is shaping her vision through the notion of living in London while remembering her hometown in her native country. ‘Countless First Times’ is the result of the nostalgic magic that happens once you leave your “old life” behind. 

This sultry dream-pop track makes you reminisce of a time that never really existed. “I am coming home tonight, I know that you will wait behind the red light” captures the simplicity that hides between the duality of her two homes. One that is left behind with her family and friends in Belgium, Alken and the new city she calls home, London.

‘Countless First Times’ starts as a soft, melancholic tune that evolves into a dynamic hybrid of a song. Lorana’s voice sounds like a mixture of country’s newcomer Laci Kaye Booth and alternative-pop superstar Maggie Rogers. All three of these women possess a delicateness that translates the simplest stories into a profound tale that we can listen to for ages. 

‘Am I?’ the first single of her upcoming EP ‘Here In Between’ was met by critical acclaim and Lorana’s second single ‘Countless First Times’ will be released on 12 June.  

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