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pace strange secrets

After 3 years, Pace release new track ‘Strange Secrets

London band Pace haven’t released new music for quite some time, 3 years to be exact (according to Spotify). So it was a surprise when I saw ‘Strange Secrets’ was released, and it was bloody good.

The track is a a joy to listen to, a perfectly crafted song with some great vocals and upbeat vibes. When listening to it I had callbacks from Babybirds ‘You’re Gorgeous’ , I don’t know why but it gave me those feelings and I loved it.

However the band said the song is about that knot in your stomach when you’re being lied to, but driven through a lively sound, I was deceived too. Under first listening I was convinced it was a happy track, but when you dig a bit deeper into the lyrics you learn there’s more to it – layers!

Honestly loved the track, and I can’t wait to see what Pace get up to next. Very glad to have them back releasing new music!

Listen to their brand new track on Spotify below!

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