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WARGASM release second track of 2020 with ‘Spit’

Wargasm have unapologetically stormed onto the scene in the past year, making their presence and ambitions loud and clear. They are not messing around. For a niche audience, they are somewhat of a supergroup. Guitarist Sam Matlock is a former member of Dead!, and Milkie Way is a part time model, part time bass shredder.

The duo debuted their first track back in August, and have since regularly teased us with ultra high energy singles. These bite sized demonstrations of potential whet the appetite and are working well to steadily build a following. 

Spit.’ sees the release of their news single and offers a channel to expel built up emotions in the current climate. Matlock’s snarls complement Way’s shriek to serve a dynamic and infectious chorus that drills its way into your brain and refuses to leave.

The bridge serves as a moment of clarity, a time to regain your breath and prepare for round two, before delving into something that sounds like it should be on Kerrangs! Top 40 pop punk anthems countdown. It shouldn’t work, but it does. The verses are so intricate and interesting to listen to, that the moment where it turns to a rock ballard is balanced. Way retains control with a dirty, propulsive bass throughout the four-minutes of the adrenaline fuelled explosion. 

I believe ‘Spit.’ to be their best track released to date, and shows what they are truly capable of. 

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