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Vistas release debut album ‘Everything changes in the End’

Edinburgh hailing indie rock 3-piece Vistas have released their long-awaited debut album ‘Everything Changes In The End’. Since forming in 2016 Vistas’ hard work and passion have taken the Scottish music scene by storm with their vigorous touring schedule seeing them sell out venues all across the UK.     

The album sets off with slow synthy track ‘Intro’ which builds nicely then smoothly transitions into the title track ‘Everything Changes In The End’, which is about being there for your friends .Prentice’s charismatic, commanding vocals shine through on this energetic track which builds to big anthemic chorus for that classic Vistas sound that fans know and love. 

The summer vibes continue with catchy track ‘Teenage Blues’, which has nostalgic lyrics about looking back on your teenage years and would be perfect for a festival that unfortunately we won’t get to experience any time soon. 

The next track ‘15 Years’ is a thank you message from Vistas to their fans who have helped them come this far and is personally my favourite off the album. Prentice’s powerful vocal delivery is complimented nicely by the tracks bouncy guitar riffs and drum patterns, listening to this track is sure to instantly boost your mood. 

‘Sucker’ is a joyous song about young love and the daft things people do when they fall for someone. The track features some nice transitions from the high points to the low ones.  The following track ‘Summer’ is a pop rock festival anthem that carries a sense of naive innocence about it. 

Live banger ‘Tigerblood’ carries confident garage rock energy all the way into its explosive chorus. It has a summery energy that is just made to be heard live. ‘The Love You Give’ is a crisp guitar track which reflects all of the hard work Vistas have put in over the years and is certainly a classic in the making. 

Smooth track ‘Shout’ features some joyful guitar grooves, but what makes this track stand out to me is the lyrics. The song is about reaching out to your friends when you’re in need- a message that is more important than ever right now as we have all been isolated from our loved ones during this lockdown.

‘You And Me’ is another love song, this time about feeling like you and your partner can take on the world. The next track ‘Sentimental’ is about the band touring together and the catchy vocals have a nice warmth to them.

Of course, a Vistas debut wouldn’t be complete without fan-favourite live anthem ‘Retrospect’. The track is an electro-pop infused indie-banger that perfectly channels the bands live energy, its their most streamed song for a reason!  

Closing track ‘November’ makes for a perfect ending to the album with its lyrics about looking into the future. This track slows it down and shows more restraint and maturity than most of the album, something I’d love to see more of from Vistas in the future.   

In all, Vistas debut album ‘Everything Changes In The End’ is full of hazy summery pop vibes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The 15 feel-good tracks ooze enthusiasm and confidence, making for a strong debut full of strong hooks and irresistible melodic grooves. The album was certainly worth the wait, and as their sound is growing with every release, they bring something new and fresh to the indie scene.  

Words by Emma Edwards

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