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Vanillaroma blast out ‘Pickpocket’ and earn Single of the Week

Every week we pick a single or a track which has particularly stuck out to us, this week it’s Vanillaroma and their BRAND NEW track ‘Pickpocket’! This is the first time we’ve ever come across Vanillaroma, and we would love to thank our source for sharing the track with us!

The LA five piece have been around since 2016, which makes it even more annoying that we’ve just come across them. Highly recommend you check out their Bandcamp to get the full hit of their indie-garage sounds.

Anyways! Their new track ‘Pickpocket’ has some nice indie, lo-fi vibes with minimal product to get the full affect of their music. Which you can check out below:

The opening guitars are simple and rough, setting the tone for the rest of the track as they mark out their wheelhouse for it. I get some subtle Violent Femmes vibes from the band, albeit at a slightly slower pace for this track. Throughout the track you have these little pockets of chaos tie it altogether, and I could see it popping off at a live show. Also since hearing the lyric; “I’m buried in my sleep in an unmarked brain” I simply can’t get it out of my head.

That’s it for Single of the Week this time around, we hope you enjoyed it!

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