Sports Team – ‘Deep Down Happy’ | Album Review

sports team deep down happy artwork

Sports Team have a strong debut with Deep Down Happy

Released: June 5th 2020

Label: Island Records

Cambridge graduates Sports Team have released their debut album titled ‘Deep Down Happy’ this month. Since forming in 2015 the indie pop six piece have cultivated a young, ever-growing fan base by singing about finding the romance and beauty in everyday life in middle England. The 12-track record features some already established fan favourites as well as new material showcasing the bands wild energy. Mapping their journey of moving in together in North West London, their debut is optimistic, fresh and catchy. It acts as a well needed breath of fresh air during this lockdown, teaching us to see something more in mundane everyday British life. 

Sports team released a handful of tracks ahead of the album, including ‘Kutcher’, which was released as a single in 2018 and is a distorted indie fan favourite with a stomping singalong chorus. ‘Camel Crew’ is another twangy guitar track, which was also released in 2018 as part of the band’s EP ‘Winter Nets’, and pokes fun at their peers who favour fashion over music. 

In 2019 Sports Team dropped euphoric singles ‘Here It Comes Again’ which offers a perspective on the boring everyday grind of life, and ‘Fishing’ which quickly became live anthems. Also released ahead of the album was ‘Going Soft’, which features ecstatic guitars and vocals straight out of a 50’s album. Other 2020 releases include ‘Long Hot Summer’ which has a more relaxed post pop punk sound and jumpy, racing track ‘Here’s The Thing’ which showcases Alex’s unique vocals and is another joyous track that is sure to be great live.

The opening track on the album is ‘Lander’ which features Alex’s powerful spoken voice over some crunchy guitar playing making for an energetic and lively beginning to ‘Deep Down Happy’. The lyrics, as with most of their songs, paint a picture of life in middle England where “ambulances don’t run anymore but it’s okay, you can get an uber there for £4.55”.

‘Feels Like Fun’ features messy distorted electric guitar playing which is complimented nicely by Alex’s muffled voice. The end of the track is where things get interesting as is ascends nicely. Indie track ‘The Races’ begins with a heavy bass riff and jumps into life with Alex’s bold, playful voice.   


Sports Team are passionate, raw and chaotic but in the best possible way. Refreshingly unpredictable, the racing 12-track debut sounds as if it was written to be played live and is perfectly upbeat and infectious. Sports Team certainly aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, or anyone else as proven in Rob’s witty wordplay across the album. Sports Team are definitely a band worth keeping an eye on. 

Words by Emma Edwards

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