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sunflower theives hide and seek artwork

Sunflower Thieves brighten our day with new track ‘Hide and Seek’

With all of this good weather shining on us, it seems only fitting that pop folk duo Sunflower Thieves release a new track and have us falling over ourselves. ‘Hide and Seek’ is the brand new single from the pair as they continue to prove how much of an enjoyable act they really are.

Much like Cafe Spice, the group pride themselves on their strung out harmonies, along with their soft but strong voices that glide through the air. The song is very minimal and stripped back, with a subtle strum of a guitar in the distance combined with gentle clapping is the height of their instrumentals.

The arrangement of the vocals are perfectly layered. They leave each second filled with something purposeful, refusing to use filler and it shines through.

I tip my hat of to releasing music in this difficult time, but it does go a long way to make people feel better, just that one song could be the difference maker.

If you haven’t heard of Sunflower Thieves before, I urge you to do so and work through their catalogue and support where you can!

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