Honey Lung – ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ | EP Review

London Shoegazers Get Ready For Summer on New EP

We’re fast approaching the summer months, and Honey Lung’s new EP Post Modern Motorcade Music couldn’t have arrived at a better time. It’s the perfect laid-back soundtrack to those hazy days spent in the sun we’ve got coming up – it would go down a treat alongside a Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg, we’re telling you.

‘Getting Off’ starts with a shimmery, jangly little riff, almost Suck It and See-esque in nature. As it continues, the quartet continue to get into the groove of summery shoegaze, Jamie Batten’s mellow vocals meandering around dreamy guitars and keeping our attention piqued for the whole five minutes.

After the relatively sprawling fuzz of the opener, second track ‘Be My Friend’ feels like something different entirely – a bit more meaty and ‘to the point’. This is garage-pop at its best – “Nothing is the same/As when you were my friend” drawls Batten over raw instrumentals, managing both to sound empassioned and carefree at once.

‘Name’ sees the band take a turn into what sounds like acoustic Britpop – the sort of thing we might see from DMA’s. It certainly feels more stripped back and vulnerable than ‘Be My Friend’, gradually building up before petering out in an almost shy manner, perfectly capturing life’s journey.

It’s lo-fi, but it’s not bedroom pop – there’s more to it than that. Likewise, to label Honey Lung simply as shoegaze is also to be doing them a disservice. On tracks like ‘Big’ they combine elements of the indie-pop so ubiquitous at the turn of the last decade with the rawness and hazy fuzz of the garage-rock revival ten years prior.

EP closer ‘Juggle’ is much the same – sun-drenched garage-rock that’s been put through a few sheets of Rizla before ending up in our ears. It’s a great way to end the record, showing each member at the top of their game.

Honey Lung aren’t a band to be put in any boxes. Unless you happen to have a box marked ‘Really Fucking Good Music’, that is. Keep an eye for their debut album when it arrives – it might just blow your socks off.

Get your Honey Lung fix and check out the EP here:

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