Kashmere – ‘Flatten the Curve’ | EP Review

Photo by Niall Lee

Kashmere release timely EP Flatten the Curve

Submerging their familiar indie pop world with the undertones of the electronic genre, Kashmere are embracing a dive into unfamiliar territory. On their brand new lockdown-produced  concept EP ‘Flatten the Curve’, the Manchester quartet have swapped out the majority of their infectious guitar riffs for synth led accompaniment. Experimentation appears to be the main thinking behind this EP, and it drips in nostalgic beats. 

‘Interude X’ starts off the EP with glittering synths, as frontman Joey Newey sings ‘I can feel a change in the air’. It’s a warning that this band is capable of more than their previously heard tracks, and Kashmere are clearly a band with layers that still need unpeeling. ‘Interlude Y’ and ‘Interlude Z’ are also featured on the EP, breaking up the tunes and contributing to a dystopian sounding future. ‘Interlude Y’ is a more gentle take on Kashmere’s fusion of synth pop, with a vocal effect creating a futuristic feel. As the last track on the EP, ‘Interlude Z’ clarifies the point that ‘Flatten the Curve’ has been made in lockdown, with reference to ‘apocalyptic times’. 

It feels as though we could be listening to this EP on a spaceship flying to settle on a new planet. Speaking of space, Kashmere’s second track on the EP ‘Somewhere in the Universe’ is a feast for our ears, and sounds out of this world (excuse the pun). With constant reference to ‘defy gravity with you’, there is a feeling of unity in this track, which is completely relevant for the times that face us.

‘Comatose’ and ‘Crystals’ feature more effects on Newey’s vocals displaying their talent at producing layers behind their work. Collaborating with LOAstate on ‘Crystals’, there is a crazy amount of modernism behind this song. ‘Make Love’ is probably the most similar to their previously released tracks after being brought forward from their upcoming album. It features the simplicity of an electric guitar with frontman Newey’s distinct vocals showcasing the power of their lyrical genius. 

Quite possibly one of the most relevant EPs of 2020, Kashmere have commented on these peculiar times in the best way a band could – so stay home and ‘Flatten the Curve’!

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