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Deco release debut EP in the midst of all the all madness!

80s-inspired pop outfit Deco have been making music since 2017, beginning their career with the fun-filled ‘Chances,’ but it’s only in the last year that they have begun making a name for themselves amongst the UK’s emerging indie pop elite. 2019 was a year of successes for the pair, as it saw the release of four hit singles – including the important ‘Too Much TV,’ that spread a crucial message on the toxicity of technology and the media – and they appeared on multiple festival stages. 

There has been no such thing as ‘slowing down’ for these boys, as at the start of 2020 they released I Don’t Wanna Go Out, the first single from their debut, four-track Real Life EP. This track was heavily based on the mantra “it’s okay not to be okay,” as the song tackles the feeling of anxiety and societal pressures to socialise and perform, and states a message of realisation and acceptance. In classic Deco fashion, they got their point across with enjoyable synth-pop instrumentals and loud vocals. Having racked up over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, this is definitely a favourite.

A week prior to the release of the EP, Deco dropped the eponymous track Real Life, which embodies the 80s new-wave, pop sound that the pair are all about. This track is the track, you know? The amalgamation of all the artists that inspire them and that have led them to creating the sound they’re known for. Another criticism of modernity and our obsession with technology, Real Life “captures a feeling of hope that humans can still function in a natural way, without the digital aids we have become so reliant on.” The pair wanted to push across the message that experiencing something in real life, as opposed to online, cannot be recreated or competed with.

Not what I was expecting to hear from such a heavily upbeat set of musicians was Beaches, the fourth and final track on the EP. The tone is taken down a notch, and we’re presented with a smooth, simple, emotive piece. I’m not going to lie to you guys, this song brought a tear to my eye when I listened for the first time – seeing this side of Deco made me realise that there really isn’t anything this insane duo can’t do. Vocalist Max Kendall explained that “everything we’ve been working on, on stage and in the studio, has led to this moment.”

They’ve released this EP in the hope it brings some joy to the listeners’ lives, especially given the current climate – I can tell you now, it certainly does just that. If the EP itself hasn’t impressed you enough, get this: all of the profits from the streams this EP gains on iTunes will be going to the UK charity Homeless Link, as the boys want to help provide the resources the charity needs to “continue to carry out their exceptional work.” Told you they were amazing, didn’t I? Purchase and stream the EP, but most of all, enjoy and savour real life.

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