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Elmo Ashall-Kelly

I had the pleasure the other day of being introduced by a good friend to a very exciting and talented act. Elmo in his own words classes himself as a storyteller and when you listen to his work that certainly is apparent telling stories that you the listener can relate to and connect with.

I had the opportunity of listening to two of his singles this week and to be honest I was blown away by the talent this guy has. What I found was biting, hard hitting lyrics with a beautiful melodic jangly guitar to back the words up. Also, Elmo has a very distinctive vocal which to me gives the song that little extra. The clarity and emotion in his voice is mind blowing.
He cites his influences as “Ska Punk from the 90s”

When I spoke to Elmo about his work he gave me a candid and honest opinion of what inspired these songs.

The Great Consumer

Social Media is one of the most powerful creations of the technological and social revolution but the realities of freedom have become a serious issue. The lines of right and wrong, facts and lies, wisdom and spitefulness are blurred. We are dealing with serious mental illnesses that have developed purely because our global society strives for perfection. We are literally making ourselves sick just to feel important and wanted. The Great Consumer addresses this.”

Little Old Foolish Me

“This song is purely about ultimatums. Life hands us the unexpected and sometimes we must walk the road less travelled in order to find true human enlightenment. But then there are cunts that will sometimes try to stop that.”

For me it’s always refreshing when you speak to an artist like this and I was struck by how open and honest he is when talking about his music.

There is more to come this year as Elmo is planning to release another single along with a live EP with more new music to come in 2021.

I’m hoping for big things for Elmo as he continues his journey as talent like this should be recognised and I’m also hoping one day to catch him live when life gets back to some sort of normality.

You can find all his back catalogue on all streaming sites which includes his 2013 album “Philosophers and Storytellers”

Words by Lee Bellfield

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