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Here’s 20 EP’s from 2019 we think you’ll like!

During the lock down, it’s given us the chance to go back and revisit some of our favourite EP’s from 2019. I then realised we hadn’t covered them all here on WFM, so why not put them all on a big list and suggest everyone to go over an check them out?

Also I did one of these back in 2018, and it was a solid list! Hope this is too – Read 2018’s list here

THIS LIST IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! We could have fit many more in but lets see how this list goes down first!

Sugarthief – ‘I before E(P)’

Anyone who’s familiar with the blog, might know that Sugarthief are one of favourites, after numerous live shows and solid singles they’ve become one to watch – so we were excited when they released their debut EP last year!

The EP features a whole host of new songs, as well as already fan favourites ‘Modern Man‘ and ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It blending in together. Being their debut EP you could say the expectations were fairly high, but the band completely knocked out the park. If you haven’t already go and have a listen and maybe read our review of it here.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Larkins – ‘TV Dream’

larkins tv dream artowork

Since 2020 begun Larkins started to kick the door down, with the release of their brand new EP Hit and Run (which is fantastic btw.) However we can’t discuss that one as we’re looking at their 2019 EP TV Dream!

Four songs long, and the band manage to sound bigger than ever across each track. With the big riffs and larger than life delivery, you get the feeling they’re already filling stadiums. This offers a much more slick Larkins, with the smooth instrumentals – something to listen to while you’re driving and the sun refuses to retreat.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Ivory Wave – ‘Dream Nights’

ivory wave dream nights ep cover

Ivory Wave are another band we’re very fond of here at WFM, as we’ve watched them grow from a band figuring out their sound to nailing it down and delivering on a consistent basis

Dream Nights was released late in 2019, which capped of a fantastic year for the band after several successful live shows and support slots. This EP may have slipped passed your radar and if it did, please do yourself a favour and listen in to one of Birmingham’s finest, also you could read our review of the EP here!

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Heavy Lungs – ‘Measure’

heavy lungs measure EP

Heavy lungs had a very busy 2019, with this EP being their SECOND, yes SECOND of 2019 and they could have both made it in, but there could only be on – and it was this one!

This EP is one of the more heavier ones on the list, but it’s needed. The carefully constructed chaos can be heard throughout the whole EP, pulling influences from IDLES with ‘Self Worth’ and ‘Pacemaker’, the band seriously deliver on this release and deserves some attention.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Chartreuse – ‘Even free money doesn’t get me out of bed’


After the madness of Heavy Lungs, we’d like to offer you something to calm down and settle you back into your seat and Chartreuse are the perfect band for that. The Birmingham based group are quiet in their business, but it’s never below par. The seasoned musicians give us a calming effect on their debut EP, with ‘Woman, I’m Crazy’ being my pick of the bunch.

This is another EP which could have gone under your radar, but we refuse to let it go unnoticed on our watch as it deservedly makes this list with their gentle, thought out tones and melodies!

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Junodream – ‘Isn’t it lovely (To be alone)’

junodream isnt it lovely to be alone artwork

Junodream have been consistently growing as a band since their debut release back in 2018. This EP was also their second of the year, and I believe it was their better outing. The EP offers a darker side to the band, with the piano centred opening with ‘Limiter’ and the slow methodical vocals delivered.

The EP ends with the fantastic title track, and it has a real Radiohead sound to it all. Excited to see where Junodream go next after lock down, as it’s clear they have so much more to offer us!

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Violet – ‘Feels Like Heaven’

violet feels like heaven artwork

Another Birmingham band? Why not! Yes this was the year where Birmingham bands all decided to release EP’s and blow our minds. Violet offers a dreamy outing with influences of early Peace and their dream pop ways.

The sleek bass lines combined with the magical riffs from the guitar showcase the well crafted way the songs were created. All of the songs come from the same pod as the band are sure of their sound and the direction they want to go – and it’s the right direction.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Bedroom/Boredom – ‘TV Brain’


After 2017 Bedroom/Boredom had a bit of a mini hiatus from releasing new music, which may have worked in their favour after listening to the release of TV Brain which came at just the right time for us and the band.

The EP is packed with 5 songs which all pack a punch and deliver to a consistent level. From the self titled opener to the final track ‘Old Friend’ they bring to you indie riffs and some infectious unique vocals.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

The Covasettes – ‘It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds’


The Covasettes deliver classic indie summer vibes with upbeat riffs and vocals throughout all of their releases, and this EP proves it. Sometimes indie tracks can all seem to blend into one, but The Covasettes manage to make each track different, while keeping the chore sound at heart.

Lets Go’ may have to be the favourite off the EP. Coming under three minutes, it gives you everything you need from a classic 00’s indie track.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

King No-One – ‘OOMM’


This release from King No-One really did put the band on the map for me and some of our writers here at WFM. The bands dark undertone can be heard throughout this entire release, even from ‘Lemonade’ which is probably one of their most upbeat tracks.

The EP is completely stacked at the band put everything they had on here with six songs giving you the full effect of what the band is all about. Sythns, guitars, pianos King No-One honestly put everything they could onto this EP – and it paid off.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

VANT – ‘Best Friends’

vant best friends artowrk

Since bursting onto the scene VANT has gone from strength to strength, and now with the release of his second album it seems like the sky really is the limit.

After releasing four EP’s back in 2019, it made them one of the most active artists that year. But we plucked the EP Best Friends to focus on. The other three are still well worth a listen – but this one sticks out. The self titled track is infectious with his near perfect vocals and beautifully constructed instrumental behind it. Talent shown in 5 songs.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Sports Team – ‘Keep Walking’

sports team keep walking artwork

Talking of acts going from strength to strength, this is exactly what Sports Team have done. The release of their debut EP Winter Nets didn’t really do much for me, but by the time Keep Walking came around I was fully on board.

M5′ is a light hearted song as Alex Rice sings about driving on the M5, and it’s brilliant. Sports Team are simply a fun band to listen to, whether it’s the delivery of the vocals or the upbeat melody, I can’t help but belt out the lyrics when they’re blaring out the speakers. Read the full EP review here.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

The Cosmics – ‘The Cosmics’

the cosmics ep artwork

The Cosmics are another band we’ve had the joy of watching grow over the years. From their first releases of ‘Johnny’ and ‘Waste of Time’ the band has come far, with each member honing their craft.

Lead singer Erin has developed into one of the finest vocalists Birmingham have on the scene, and her voice compliments the madness the band manage to create. Just listen to ‘Trust is Blind’ from the EP and you’ll understand where I’m coming from!

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Calva Louise – ‘Interlude for the Borderline Unsettled’

Calva Louise are undoubtedly a band which are destined for some big things. The charisma which is shown from Jess when performing live is astonishing, as it draws you into their music.

This EP is fairly short with it only being three songs, but it still deserves to be on the list. The song ‘Belicosso’ is easily one of the bands best, and they already have a few to choose from. It’s crammed with crazy, lazer-infused riffs which tell you what Calva is all about.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

VISTAS – ‘Hello’

Hello Vistas! Prior to 2019 I don’t think I had yet to embark on VISTAS, but after this EP, they made sure I wouldn’t forget about them. They spent 2019 building the EP up and they did a great job.

Indie pop vibes are alive in this one, as you could see ‘Like an America’ contributing to filling a floor in your favourite indie disco. The EP seems to drift by, as they deliver fun loving songs including ‘Headspace’ and ‘Fade‘. A great EP from an impressive band which we’ll be keeping tabs on.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Strange Bones – ‘Blitz Part 1’

Oh Strange Bones, whether it’s at a live show or through your music, you just want to deliver utter madness. With only 3 songs in the chamber on this EP – they still manage to do it.

This is part 1 of their Blitz release, with the second part of this released earlier this year. Strange Bones continue to push their boundaries with this EP as they refuse to rest on their laurels, and deliver something fresh, with chaos still situated at the centre of it all. Wanna go mad and get something off your chest? Listen to this.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Far Caspian- ‘The Heights’

far caspian the heights

After listening to Strange Bones, you will need a break from the madness and Far Caspian will give it to you. Their EP The Heights delivered everything their fans expected, and it was wonderful.

Their soft tones draw comparisons are something that will truly soothe you, with the Mac Demarco infused opening track to the dreamy ‘These Times’. Loved this EP when it was released, and I still love it now. Treat yourself, go and listen!

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Safe to Swim – ‘Boyhood’

safe to swim boyhood artwork

Safe to Swim are such an underrated band, and this EP needs more ears around it. Boyhood is the first EP from the guys, and it’s pretty flawless. ‘Make Things Like They Used To Be’ is a perfect indie track without being cheesy, with ‘Why Does He Wanna Know?’ having this huge vibe surrounding it.

Yet to see the band live yet, but this EP really stressed the importance of making the effort to see them perform this start to finish. The end of lockdown can’t come quick enough.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Sad Boys Club – ‘Four Shades of the Transitional Phase’

sad boys club

I was fairly late to the party with Sad Boys Club, but this EP completely pulled me into them and got me listening. Four Shades of the Transitional Phase is not only a great EP title but is also the debut EP from the band.

If you like The Cure, there’s a good chance you will dig what they’ve got to offer. Their tracks are heavily influenced by the band, but doesn’t crowd out what they’re doing, as they put their own stamp on it. ‘666 and ‘Swoon’ are the standouts, but seriously, it’s all good/

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Egyptian Blue – ‘Collateral Damage’

Egyptian Blue are another band who have already released an EP this year which is well worth a listen too, but once again we’re focusing on their 2019 release entitled Collateral Damage.

The guitars are truly the driving force behind Egyptian Blue, separating them from a lot of the bands currently in the scene. Along with the vocals which are delivered in an assertive manner, adding to the overall intensity the band give out throughout this EP

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

Average Sex – ‘Come Over’

average sex come over artwork

I’ve loved Average Sex (the band) since I overheard the band name at a gig a couple of years back. Their debut EP Ice Cream was a great outing, but Come Over is a bit more seasoned and shows the band at their prime so far.

This is technically their third EP, and if I dare say my most favourite. ‘Come Over’ has a delicious guitar riff (which I’ve tried to figure out on guitar) and breaks out into a sweet breakdown in the end. ‘To A Dead Friend’ is another fantastic track with a fast paced driven guitar, complete with lo-fi vocals, and I love it.

Listen to the full EP on Spotify here.

That completes the list for 2019 EP’s at least, I urge you all to go out and listen to them all if you can, you won’t regret it! If you would like to see more lists like this, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

We’ve even put them in a mini playlist if you can’t be bothered to go and check them out one by one!

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