Future Moons – ‘Seasons’ | EP Review

future moons seasons EP

Future Moons release debut EP Seasons

Future Moons reminisce with their simple power of twirling guitars and intense vocals to solidify the idea that less is more. Rebranded from their previous project, Bad Wolf, LA based duo Kota Wade and Tommy Oleksyn return with a fresh name and even fresher songs. Their brand new EP ‘Seasons’ is the ideal soundtrack to chill wherever you are, and has the power to make any inconvenience seem fine. 

‘Seasons’ is a unique take on an average EP, and it does what it says on the tin by personifying each song into a changing season. Seasonal themes add a layer of depth to each track, and there is a clear focus on the power of nature, creating almost a spiritual awakening in the listener. As well as the haunting songs, there are three interludes between each of the lyrical melodies, ensuring that the whole EP flows smoothly. The use of these interludes ‘Rain’, ‘Crickets’ and ‘Wind’ allows the duo to cleverly mirror the changing pace of nature. All three interludes are beautifully crafted with simple piano and guitar parts, and it’s clear that this pairing have combined a love for nature with a passion for music.

Entangled’ is the only track Future Sounds released before this EP, and it captures the spirit of the remaining songs with emotive vocals, spacey guitars and atmospheric harmonies to create a full sound. ‘Petals’ is similar, and the heavy fixation on nature in the lyricism depicts a negative aura as Wade sings words such as ‘our petals drown’. The remaining two tracks ‘Golden’ and ‘Grey’ have alluring harmonies that run through the undercurrents of each main melody.

Future Moons slow paced, wistful tracks blend into one overriding progression of the ‘Seasons’, and it’s the ultimate EP to listen to while finding your zen.

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