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The Sickboy Method deliver a strong debut EP

The Sickboy Method, are back with their debut EP, ‘Problematic Behaviour’, just in time for the world finding itself in a period of international uncertainty. Their latest work follows the release of their debut single ‘Terror earlier this year, and is driven by politically-fuelled anger, perfectly reflecting the chaos of our current climate (whether it intends to or not). 

The EP.

EP opener and latest single ‘Read It’, starts off chaotic and fast-paced, with the band showing no signs of slowing down from the start. Surrounded by punky guitars and heavy basslines, lyrics such as ‘this is a state of protest, a voice of a revolution’ form an unapologetic anthem arguing how we as individuals can never be truly represented by the elite, a political class or by anybody that isn’t ourselves. It’s true that this opener is ‘a call to action’, highlighted in its breakdown where the band address us with ‘this is a public announcement, a point of view’, before channelling their inner Rage Against the Machine. Their passion and message is reflected in the energy of this track, conveying that ‘now is the correct time to stand up and speak out’. 

‘Cockroaches’ then takes a different tone, swapping these initial rock and roll vibes in favour of a darker sound. The simple, creepy guitar intro slowly builds as the song progresses, paired with stylish verses and a deadpan delivery of lyrics such as ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the bullshit go down’. This track really showcases Jake’s soulful, growly vocals, reminiscent of if Milky Chance was punk, with messages including ‘fuck the media and fuck TV!’. These vocals are layered across a strong, gritty bass as screeching guitars mount to meet angry drums, just in time for the passionate repetition of ‘cockroaches’, to create an anarchic finale before finally slowing to a halt. 

The band’s second single, ‘Cigarette Excitement’, provides an upbeat, punk-fuelled number offering ‘a protest song for the new normal’ at ‘a time of change in society, a time for life after restriction’ – very apt right now, I think you’ll agree! Lyrics such as ‘Be fucking individual’ and ‘believing in the lies, the government hides away’ are contrasted with the satisfyingly catchy chorus. A whirring, distorted guitar solo then makes way for a haunting scream from drummer, Estelle, that had me pausing on first listen thinking someone outside needed help! 

the sickboy method

One thing’s for sure, these guys really like to experiment with tempo to a point where you never know what’s coming next. Best demonstrated in Concealer, this starts off slow with some nice, chord changes and chilled-out lyrics such as ‘she looks sharp like a razor blade, tastes sweet like lemonade’, before abruptly exploding into a frenzy. With manic drums and everything else rolling in at 100 miles an hour, the chorus ‘I’m having trouble breathing’, soon becomes relatable after you experience this rollercoaster of a track. 

Finally, the EP is concluded with 53 seconds of pure madness in the form of ‘Fly’. A simple track with high energy from the start, these guys don’t have the time to chill now. You can definitely imagine a whole live crowd shouting back ‘I’m a fly on the wall’ as the band manage to fit a colossal amount power and angst into such a short space of time. This track definitely stops too soon, but the perfect way to leave you wanting more and reaching for the repeat button. 


This powerful debut EP from ‘some of the nicest punks in the business’ as they bring a perfect mix of satisfying noise and inspiring messages for a better, fairer world. As well as sonically packing a powerful punch, it is both highly relatable and very apt for its time, overall providing us with the perfect lockdown treat!

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