Cafe Spice – ‘She Loves and Leaves’ | New Music

cafe spice she loves and she leaves artwork
Created by Cara Looij

Cafe Spice bring the calm with their new track

She Loves and Leaves’ is the brand new track from trio Cafe Spice, a band from glorious Manchester who have already delivered so many great acts – this is another.

Cafe Spice pride themselves on their wondrous vocals and harmonies, it’s not surprising when you hear their latest track and hear the trio slaying it on all fronts. Their voices bend an intertwine with each other seamlessly, much like I See Rivers in their music. Citing Joni Mitchell and The Japanese House as influences, you can see where the mellow side of their music comes from, however it’s delivered in a completely different manner in this track, as their voices act like their instruments.

The band clearly have found their sound, and you can hear it as well in previous releases ‘Lauren’ and ‘Open Door’ (which I highly recommend you check out after this). Maybe it would be a bit pushy, but I would love to the trio release and EP sometime soon and definitely will have to see them live!

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