Blossoms – ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ | Album Review


Three albums down, and Blossoms seemingly still have it

Released by: Virgin EMI

Stockport based indie pop band ‘Blossoms’ released their third studio album on the 31st of January this year. ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ carries that familiar electro-pop sound that is prevalent in the band’s earlier work whilst simultaneously pushing boundaries, and in doing so they’ve produced some of their best work yet. 

The album bursts into action with catchy opening track ‘If You Think This Is Real Life’, making for a strong beginning to the album. It features infectious synths and rattling percussion as well as some of Ogden’s most simple yet memorable lyrics to date “fuck what the therapist said, it’s just something he read”. The song perfectly epitomises Blossoms infectiously sweet style.

The next track is ‘Your Girlfriend’, which was influenced by Talking Heads. The lyrics follow a narrative about a man who has fallen in love with his friend’s girlfriend, with vocals sounding like they’re straight from the 80’s. The tunes catchy hooks and sing along chorus make it a stand out fan favourite off the album.

‘The Keeper’ is a full-blown love song featuring some beautiful and charming lyrics; “Let’s spend this life as one, until we’re bones”. Its joyous melodic pop sound layers piano with gospel backing vocals to create an enjoyable and smile inducing track.

Next up is ‘My Swimming Brain’ which adds a hint of disco to the album and showcases Ogden’s mesmerizingly smooth vocals that fans know and love, as well as some powerful backing vocals finishing the track off nicely. 

The next three tracks off the album all carry a familiar theme of romance. ‘Sunday Was A Friend Of Mine’ is a strokes influenced one that perfectly showcases Ogden’s poetic lyricism. Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)’ offers a witty take on a traditional love song and features catchy bass, synth and subtle guitar sounds. ‘Romance, Eh?’ also provides fresh take on a love song. The track also marks a turning point in the album as Blossoms slow the pace down. 

Maintaining the slower tempo, next is beautifully ethereal song ‘My Vacant Days’. It is smooth and soothing, my personal favourite off the album. 

The following track is ‘Falling For Someone’ which was influenced by U2. The song has a youthful energy about it and is yet another song centred around love.  

‘Like Gravity’ is the final track on the album and is the one that most pushes the band’s limits to somewhere new with its eerie verses. The track showcases the band’s sombre sound and perhaps gives us an insight into what their next album might sound like.

Blossoms also blessed listeners with an acoustic version of each song at the end of the album. Every individual one stands strong when stripped down to its raw essence, which perfectly showcases Ogden’s lyrical talent and, of course, his song writing ability.   

In all ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ is the band’s richest work yet. Tying in gospel and funk vibes with their usual indie-pop sound the band have created an ambitious album of absolute bangers. It’s fun, energetic and catchy sharing a vibrancy similar to that of pop legends ABBA or The Beatles. The album is sure to leave listeners feeling hopeful and optimistic and one thing is certain; Tom Ogden knows how to write a pop song.

Words by Emma Edwards

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