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Calva Louise take second SOTW in 2020!

Every Sunday we select a single that has been released that week and load it into our SOTW playlist on spotify. Luckily, even though we’ve been caught up in this terrible lockdown, we’ve been blessed with some very talented people still releasing music.

This week Calva Louise released their new track ‘POP (urri)’ which makes it their second release this year after ‘Camino. Since the release of their debut album Rhinoceros back in 2019 the band have been on a rampage – much like a rhinoceros. Their latest release once again proves that as they deliver a consistently high standard of music over a good period time.

The song takes on the sound which Calva Louise have built for themselves, which sounds like this outer space fuzz world, which is full on and doesn’t let go – very much represented in the video. Jess takes this opportunity to deliver a lot of the lyrics in Spanish and then suddenly switch to english, adding to this unknown feel to it all but it sounds frickin’ cool. The overall production of the track is amazing, it’s moving at 100mph and is so busy, you just know the song is going to play out so well when delivered live.

This might be biased to the moment, but this is probably the coolest music video I’ve seen this year from an indie act. It adds so much to the track, and the visuals of the band look incredible!

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