Sam Wray – ‘No Story Without Struggle’ | New Music

Sam Wray releases new single ‘No Story Without Struggle’

No Story Without Struggle’ is the latest track to be released from Sam Wray, an up and coming acoustic artist from the UK.

If you were to look at Sam Wray’s spotify you would get the idea that this is his first outing as an artist, but he’s well versed having playing solo for sometime and sharing a number of his releases on soundcloud, see below:

However his latest track is without doubt the most polished and produced, showcasing Sam’s talent as a songwriter. The song takes a very laid back, carefree approach as he sings about, going out, making mistakes and find out that any story in life has its struggles. The song contains few elements, which allows Sam’s vocals to be the main point of the the track.

Tidy release from Mr.Wray, and we’ll be keeping tabs on him for the next one, hopefully sooner than later!

Listen to Sam Wray’s new track below on Spotify.

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