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Speaking to Ireland’s best kept secret Whenyoung in Lockdown!

Hands up, who’s had a birthday during lockdown? Ireland’s finest three piece Whenyoung managed to release their touching new single, ‘The Prayer’ and celebrate their debut album turning a year old. In the oddest times known to man, it’s really important to celebrate the victories – and, as always, Whenyoung have brought a classically triumphant sound.

‘The Prayer as a song just poured out, so we decided to record it ourselves there and then. The idea was to capture the time we’re in. We wanted to harness the anxiety and transform it in to a soothing embrace during these dire times.

We’re proud of ‘Reasons To Dream’ having its first birthday. We aren’t the same people we were this time last year and creatively, of course we aren’t in the same place. So I guess we can look back with a sense of pride in having achieved a life long dream of having an album out there.

But more so, we really use the first album as a tool to look ahead, evolve and grow as artists into the next stage.

When in creative doubt, Aoife, Niall and Drew turned to eachother – literally. The band went into lockdown together so they’ve found their usual solace in what they do best.

‘We’re just taking the days as they come, and the gigs and live streams have actually taken up quite a bit of time! The pandemic stuck as we were half way through working on our second album so we’ve been continuing work on that. It means we can still be productive and have eachother’s company, and it’s definitely made it easier for interviews and sessions being online.

That, and we’ve got Niall’s lasagne nights to get us through!’

We’ve always vouched for the amount of thought and passion Whenyoung apply to what they create, and their virtual output ticks those well-loved boxes. The majority of the online interaction the band has taken part in has been raising money and awareness for charitable causes… so we love them all the more:

‘With so much sadness in the world it has to be a time for selflessness and giving. As soon as lockdown began we felt we had to do something, sort of as a pick me up for ourselves and for anyone who wanted to listen. As soon as we did one, the others started following and since then we’ve done a few streams a week for various charities.

These streams still rely on people tuning in and making the donations so it’s a two way street of everyone being phenomenally generous.

I guess we’re still adjusting to the lack of a physical audience for the time being, but it’s better than having no live music at all! It’s very intimate to be playing for the world from your own home with nothing but your instrument and voice.’

So where better to be painfully intimate than on one of the most watched channels in the UK?

‘What a time to go live on the BBC. We’d seen and heard that BBC were looking for something positive to sign off the news, and it coincided with our recent release of The Prayer so it felt fitting. That, and we’re a big news story anyway, haha!’

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