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miya miya

In the midst of lockdown we catch up with Miya Miya!

So, how did you all meet and decide to start making music together?

We all met studying at University in Guildford, although we didn’t start making music together until after we left. We started writing together for other artists, not thinking we would end up in a band together, but after a year or so it felt like a really natural step to form MIYA MIYA and start putting out our own music.

Why did you settle on the name Miya Miya?

We went through about five different names before landing on Miya Miya, the first of which was Paparazzi, but thankfully that didn’t work out! Miya is quite a sacred word in many parts of Asia. It also means 100% in Arabic.

How did you find the process of recording/releasing your debut single ‘Underwater’?

We wrote underwater slightly differently to most of our other songs. We fit all of our instruments in a small room and felt it out as a band. The writing process was really quick for this one. We then stayed up most of the night producing it and pretty much had the finished demo by the next day.

What is ‘Underwater’ written about?

It’s about self-reflection and figuring out what you really want to do with your life. We’ve all been told at some point we can’t achieve something, so we wanted to write a song saying if you can dream it, you can do it.

Who are your biggest influences as artists?

Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots & The Chainsmokers are some of our key influences, but amazing music is getting released so often that we’re finding inspiration all over the place! We’re just massive music fans and seem to be constantly reinspired by the last amazing track we’ve heard. We’re currently obsessed with Lauv & Muna.

What are you most excited to do once we’re all out of isolation?

Probably unite as a band, and go for a well-deserved drink or two. We’re quite fortunate that we’ve been able to keep recording during isolation, as we all can produce, but to be able to play live shows again will be amazing!

Where would be your dream venue to play?

We think this would have to be the O2, as it seems to be a monument of music here in the UK. We’ve all seen so many of our favorite artists here from The 1975, and John Mayer, to Def Leoppard. 

If you could have written any album, which one would it be?

Probably Taylor Swifts 1989 album. The writing and production is incredible, and we would probably be isolating in our mansions in Malibu. 

Which fellow upcoming bands are you most excited about?

We have some amazing friends releasing music right now, but if we had to name a few it would be George Rose, Chinchilla, Liimo and January

Any plans for more music further down the line?

Our second single Hometown is out now! And our debut EP is out June 26th. 

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