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St.Buryan’s second song of 2020 earns SOTW!

We’re seeing a real revolution of sound from the Buryan boys, and we absolutely love it. Following break through ‘Tell Me’, our favourite blue boys have kept their momentum going with the emancipative ‘How Could I Know?’

“How Could I Know?” is laced with the lethal amount of charm that we miss from the pop punk anthems of the late 90’s. 

It’s slow, it’s cool… it’s a bit sexy? Yeah, it’s a bit sexy. We’ve sort of seen the Buryan boys grow up on the North East music scene, and whatever was holding the boys back previously has simply been grown out of. It’s the confidence of moving out of your older brother’s room and into your first flat with people you care about.

It’s sophisticated, well executed and primitively meant to be here. 

Romance is frustrating, and even more so when you don’t know where you stand. 

“Remember that shit time you went through? Yeah mate, us too. Pint and some tunes?” – ‘How Could I Know?’ is a quirky reminder this band know their audience as well as their audience know them. Vocals from Ben Mackatt are still showing off (if you had a voice like that, you would too) over a meticulously curated track that just KNOWS it’s the prerequisite to something huge. If ‘Tell Me’ was a reminder of how much they’re capable of, ‘How Could I Know?’ is a saucy wink saying we ain’t seen nothing from St Buryan yet.

“You’re going nowhere like a Chinese whisper / It grips you like a Chinese burn” there’s not much else to say about that line other than it’s just a fantastic lyric. 

Can you improve a band’s best work to date? (No small title when we fell in love with ‘Lucid’ as hard as we did). 

Boys, trust your method. Few bands work harder in every second of their sound, and you can hear it in this new Buryan wave. When the scene is switched back on, we cannot wait to see what these boys are going to do with it.

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