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joe ramsey the hardest part artwork

Joe Ramsey keeps busy in lockdown with new release

Over the course of the lockdown Joe Ramsey, has been keeping himself busy by doing a number of live streams, and covering lots of different tracks (Which I highly recommend to check out). He’s partnered that work with the release of his latest track ‘The Hardest Part’, which is a follow on from his previous release ‘Fork in the Road‘.

If you’ve heard Joe before you will already know that he has some talented vocals behind him, and also can work his way around a tune, this is proved in this latest release. For what is essentially a boy and his guitar, the song takes on a much more grandiose sound and feel with the excellent production of the track. The straight laced feel of the track makes it easy to follow with a simple yet very effective melody providing a perfect bed for Joe to unleash vocals across.

Honestly Joe continues to grow as a songwriter, and I’m looking forward to him being able to hit the road again and play his new material to a very lucky crowd

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