Wolf Alice – ‘My Love is Cool’ | Album Review

wolf alice my love is cool artwork

Taking a look back Wolf Alice’s wonderful debut

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Released By: Dirty Hit

Few people pull off being as unapologetically excellent as Ellie Rowsell. 2015 fully introduced us to Wolf Alice’s debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ and to their lead singer, our new saviour in Doc Martins. We’d been teased with Dirty Hit’s go-to method of drip feeding fans EP’s and surprise singles before a sweet release of 12 tracks.

Even sweeter was the fact we found an indie, coming-of-age band who weren’t just another band of Northern boys with messiah sized complexes. ‘My Love Is Cool’ gave absolutely no fucks when it came to song title cohesion, and that sat nonchalantly next to the attitude this album would have been produced regardless of reaction or context. 

When the four piece took centre stage we were charmed with the heavy, dirty romance of ‘Your Loves Whore’ that simply allowed a lot of space to acknowledge we’re all winging it when it comes to relationships. It’s hard not to relate to lyrics as ambitious as they are cautious, in everything from the filthy ‘You’re a Germ’ to the ambient ‘Turn to Dust.’

(We wanted to dedicate a line to how superb ‘Bros’ is, too but we’ve just written a little heart next to it in our notes and we think that just about covers it tbh).

My Love is Cool is a gospel for the introverted extraverts, tackling relationship troubles, unwanted attention, gender inequality and that unyielding want for someone to want you back. If you can remember the orange streetlight stained nights of honest invigoration, you’ll still absolutely love this album.

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