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Rascalton release timely song ‘Sign of the Times’ for Single of the Week

It’s not a terrible shout calling your single ‘Sign of The Times’ just now, is it? Never shy of controversy, Glasgow punk rockers Rascalton have released a short, sharp observation in their thrashy new tune.

If you’re new to the boys sound, it’d be easy to place them at a low lit after party beside The Clash, daring Razorlight to have a proper drink or go home. And in true Clash style they’re not afraid to speak up about what’s happening right now instead of waiting for nostalgic hindsight.

Not like they were short of things to write about, were they? Their hook is quickly established as ‘Why we gotta do it like this?’ and we’re left looking at life as we know it and thinking: ‘Honestly, not a fucking clue lads.’

Sign Of The Times is so purposefully heavy it’s easy to miss the lyrics during the verse, but like most important tracks it’s worth well more than one spin. 

‘A woman and her child push their way through an aisle / There’s a worry in her eye coz her card’s been declined’

The clever trick of this track is you can’t ignore it. The messages are going to make you feel kinda uncomfortable, and that’s always been the true nature of alt music and punk. We shouldn’t be ignoring the fact we live in the sixth richest country in the world and real life mothers are still having their cards declined for a food shop. Rascalton know that, and they haven’t prettied up the truth in this stonker of a track. 

Success has followed Rascalton in the amount of streams and ticket sales they’ve clocked up, and you’ve got to assume they’ll be bringing their stark words and guitar ridden sounds to bigger audiences as the days get stranger. 

If you’ve got as much time to find a new obsession as we do, we don’t half recommend these boys.

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